On Bus Intelligent Transport System – OBITS

Our products are compliant with “ JnNURM II Urban Bus Specifications Chapter 10-OBITS”


Key Specifications :

System / Sub


                                                                    Key Features


1- Single Control Unit (SCU) together with Bus Driver Console (BDC)

            2 Integrate communicate with all Sub system on–Bus

            3-- Communicate two way with Back Office,Data and Voice,Live

            4- Communicates with Depot via WLAN

            5- SCU has In–Built GPD, 3G and Wlan

            6-  SCU has In built Amplifier with Driver Head set and Microphone functionality

            7-  SCU is able to provide route,GPS information in XML format over TCP socket to ticketing machine.

            8 Firmware upload/configuration via SCU



Passenger information system(PIS)


            1- Store’ diagnostic trouble codes’ (DTC);’ parameters identifiers (PID) and data is retrievable through SCU.

            2- Can communicate two way with central control center (CCC) via SCU

Automatic vehicle location system (AVL)

            1- SCU Transmits NMEA raw data to CCCC at users configurable frequency.

Security camera network system (SCN)

·          1- Emergency operation:when activated by a switch the recording takes place at a preselected resolution and FPS.

          2- Capability to transfer the recordings to control center/depot through SCU via high speed WLAN.

Vehicle health monitoring and diagnostics (VHMD)

1- SCU is capable to receive vehicle data on CAN  Bus and is able to

            2- Show real time on BDC

            3- Communicate real time to Back Office

            4- Show Warning Pop ups on BDC and transmit real time to Back Office

           5- Down load Log files to back office


Salient Teat standards

1.Ingress Protection : IP66

2.Temperature: Minus 15 degC ~ plus 80 deg C

3.Vibration 10g max (SHM)

4.Salt Spray, Fire Resistance

5.Electrical Loads :Compliant to ISO 16750-2

6.Electrical Disturbances:Compliant ISO 7637.

7. ’e’ Certified