High Pressure Die Casting

At the core of our operations, we have  die-casting  cells  ranging from 400 to 3000 tonnes locking pressure. These are capable of producing complex and  functional castings in a wide range  in aluminium alloys.

CAST MASTER's  contemporary high-tech technology coupled with decades of experience, assures excellent surface finish, high integrity & density, repeatability and consistent quality.
Centralized Melting with individual thermostatically controlled holding furnaces ensure correct melting temperatures and practices resulting in production of dense casting with minimum porosity. Many castings are bi-metallic and include Steel Inserts and Alloyed Cast Iron Rings.

Secondary processing includes specialized hand deburring, belt-sanding, cosmetic buffing, vibro finishing and shot blasting. Painting, plating and specialized finishes are sub-contracted to customer approved sources.


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